Sucofindo Laboratory
  Jl. Arteri Tol Cibitung
  Cibitung-Bekasi 17520
Phone :
  (62-21) 88321176
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  (62-21) 88321166

Sucofindo Laboratory

The Laboratory of Sucofindo is one of the biggest laboratory in Indonesia, equipped with complete and modern facilities. It is capable of handling various tests examinations that are closely related to quality in connection with safety, reliability, and performance of products or material quality. It has been supported by the well-trained work force, the most current facilities and the wide range networking


Laboratory for Environtment

The Handles Sampling and Test of the physical Test Parameter, chemical and microbiology for clean water, drinking water, surface water and disposal water. The Analysis of solid material includes toxicity such as screening, TCLP, LD-5 and LC-5.

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Laboratory for Industrial and Agricultural Products

This Laboratory deals with the chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of the agricultural products such as wheat flour, sugar, crude palm oil / CPO-full analysis, Cocoa bean, atsiri oil, and other agricultural products as well as food, drinks/beverages, toys, textile, chemical substances test in accordance with EU-RoHS directives standard.

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Laboratory for Oil, Gas and Chemical

This laboratory deals with chemical and physical analysis for petroleum products analysis such as crude oil, lube oil, fuel oil, diesel oil or solar, gasoline, bio diesel, kerosene, brake oil, travo oil, grease and liquid natural gas (LNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), synthetic gas, petrochemical products, different kind of fertilizer organic and anorganic chemical substances and solvent product as well as the chemical products resulted by industry.

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Laboratory for Mineral

This Laboratory deals with products such as Coal, Minerals (Bauxite, Galena, Iron Sand, etc) or Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, etc, Metals (Stainless Steel, Zircon, etc). All analysis are complemented with the standard test methods such as JIS, SNI and ASTM, and supported by the most current in instrument such as Bomb Calory, XRF simultanneously, Sulfur Analyzer, etc, .....

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Calibration Laboratory

Addition the calibration laboratory also develops the specific calibration service for instruments of chemical laboratory, hospitals instruments, paint factory, and drug factory instruments.

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Laboratory for Technical and Electric Matters

This Laboratory for electric and technical matters has the capability to cater the needs of industries both for the purpose of internal Quality Control, Quality Assurance to customers, as well as for certification purposes of the electric and electronics products and other technical products.

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